How to Make Tomato Powder Out of Tomato Skins

You’ll never waste tomato skins again with this easy recipe to make tomato powder and tomato flakes.

It’s raining tomatoes!  Don’t I always say that during July and August? Well it’s true.  You won’t believe how many pounds of tomatoes we grew this year and I’m not going to tell you because I will save it for the big Summer harvest weight chart post coming sometime in September.  You guys know I love my Stewed Tomatoes recipe but with that comes alot of extra tomato skins.  I’ve been composting them for years but this year I was set on using them in a recipe.   I wanted to use the tomato skins in a unique way that can be enjoyed in different recipes and ways throughout the seasons.  So making tomato powder and tomato flakes it is!

What can you do with tomato powder?
-Sprinkle on slices of pizza.
-Use on sandwiches on subs.
-Throw in soups, stews and chili. 
-Use as a meat seasoning.
-Throw in tomato sauces for more tomato flavor!
-Popcorn. (Thanks Kelly!)

It’s up to you if you want to make tomato powder or tomato flakes.  Both are dried the same way, but the decision comes in how you process it.  Do you want it flaky? Or fine powder? For a powder use a coffee grinder, and for flakes use a food processor (or even a mortar and pestle would work).  

How to Make Tomato Powder From Tomato Skins
  1. Tomato Skins
  1. Gather your tomato skins.
  2. Place on dehydrator sheets.
  3. Dehydrate at 135 degrees for 8-12 hours until brittle and no longer wet.
  4. For powder: Put dried tomato skins in coffee grinder and grind until powder. Store in jar.
  5. For flakes: Put dried tomato skins in food processor and pulse a few times until flakes. Store in jar.
Brooklyn Farm Girl
 So let’s do it!

So after you blanch your tomatoes you’re usually left with a bunch of tomato skins and tomato juice.   I have a great way to use up tomato juice that’s coming to the blog soon.
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder

We usually have a ton of tomato skins and I hate just not doing anything with them. Here’s some size comparison to see how many tomato skins we had one afternoon.
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_2

 Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_1

Throw them on your food dehydrator sheet, separating them so they are in one layer.  If they are layered  on top of each other they are going to take forever to dry.
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_3

Now throw in your food dehydrator. We have this dehydrator and it’s great at doing a bunch of vegetables/fruits at once.  A funny story is one Summer were were up to our ears in vegetables and suddenly it came to my mind that we needed a dehydrator.  We would usually order online but we wanted one right then so Matthew rushed off and got one and then walked home with it. It’s 25 pounds and he walked about 4 miles.  He’s a great boy.
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_4

And then after hours in the dehydrator, crisp tomato skins come out.
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_5

 Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_6

Now to turn into powder or flakes, it’s up to you.   If you have a bunch of skins why not do both?
For flakes, throw into your food processor and pulse a few times.
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_8

For powder, throw the skins into a coffee grinder and grind until they’re turned into a powder.  I have a small coffee grinder (that I specifically bought for vegetables/herbs as I don’t drink coffee!) so this takes me forever.  If it takes you forever a good secret is to turn these into flakes first and then put into the grinder,  you’ll be able to grind a bunch more at once then.
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_9

Beautiful and delicious powder!
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_10

I can basically open a seasoning shop with all the powders I’ve been making this Summer!
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_12

Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_11

Right after I made the powder and sprinkled it on a grilled cheese sandwich (with jalapenos!). It was perfect. 
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_13

I throw my powder in a mason jar and keep on the counter top with the rest of the Summer seasonings.
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_14

I also made my dad one (along with some jalapeno powder!) that I sent to him in the mail. These make great gifts!
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_15

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and I hope you put your tomato skins to use!
Using Tomato Skins for Tomato Powder_16






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