Maple Syrup Ham, Egg and Cheese Sandwich – Made in seconds!

Maple Syrup Ham, Egg and Cheese Sandwich – Made in seconds!

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Join me in making this Maple Syrup Ham, Egg and Cheese Sandwich, the perfect sandwich made in seconds, sponsored on behalf of Smithfield Anytime Favorites. 

It’s almost September! Yipee!  You see, I’m a Fall girl so I love everything about these next upcoming months.  But with Fall, comes early mornings.  Maybe it’s back to work (or maybe it’s regular go to work), getting your kids on the bus, making your loved one a on the go sandwich, or throwing together a quick dinner sandwich after basketball practice.  This Maple Syrup Ham, Egg and Cheese Sandwich is crazy good, will fill you up and the best part, it’s made in seconds.  I’m serious.  You can literally have this made in under 90 seconds.  Time yourself, it will be fun! Plus you’ll get your daily exercise in.  See, it’s a win win situation!

The sandwich is based on a popular fastfood sandwich, but homemade so you know what’s going into it and you can use the finest ingredients.  It hits the spot of being savory (ham, egg, cheese) but with a touch of sweetness (maple syrup).   You can serve it up for breakfast, pack it for lunch (just put the syrup on the ide) or make for dinner.  I’m a fan of breakfast for dinner, so make these up and serve with some greens on the side and you’re set.

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