It’s a Furry World I Live In

It’s a Furry World I Live In

I live in a furry home.  
This is the sign that you see when you walk into our house:
Cat Hair

And this is probably true, so deal with it. My kids have paws, fur, tiny little toes that pitter patter when they chase balls, and they cuddle with purrs.  My kids rule.  Most of you who read this blog or follow me on Instagram know I’m a #catlady.  I love cats, I love them all, the entire cat population is my best friend.  

Did you know we have 5 cats?  You might have thought we had 4, but in July we adopted a new girl who needed a immediate home.  I’ll do a entire post on her because she’s awesome. Her name is Toes and she’s a sweet heart x a million.
New Girl_6

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