Amish Potato Stuffing Recipe

Amish Potato Stuffing Recipe

A delicious potato stuffing recipe,  just like the Amish make it in Pennsylvania Dutch country. 

When I was a kid we would always hit up the weekend markets.  These markets were a mixture of flea markets outside with regular food vendors inside.  I come from near Amish country in Pennsylvania so on the way there it wouldn’t be strange to pass a horse and buggy going by.  Once at the auction first you would browse the treasures outside ($2 rainbow ceramic pie pan!) while working up a appetite.  Next stop would be the Amish stands outside where you could buy fruits and vegetables at discounted prices (hello 4 for $1 corn on the cobs).  Finally you’d go inside and grab lunch or head to the butcher to buy meat for dinner that week.    There was a popular place inside one of these markets that sold a chicken breast stuffed with potato stuffing. Not only was it stuffed with it but it was also laying on a bed of it.   It was one of my favorite meals.  We would buy a couple to eat throughout the week but as soon as we got home mom or dad would make me one right away.   

Last week I was craving that potato stuffing so I made a batch of it and boy (and girl) was it delicious.  As soon as I mixed everything into the saucepan, the smell of nostalgia hit me. Isn’t it amazing how sensitive we are to smell and how just a little whiff of something can make us recall  memories so quickly?   That’s what happened with this potato stuffing.  I was in my kitchen in Brooklyn, but in my mind I was a kid being served by mom and dad back in Pennsylvania.  

I served this Amish Potato Stuffing alongside some chicken and it was the perfect meal.   The stuffing is so easy to make that I ask next time you are craving it, skip the boxed stuff and make this.  You’re going to fall in love and that’s what I want you to do!

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