Spoiling Kitties With KitNipBox

I love our cats.  A whole lot. So it might not surprise you I like to spoil them.

The cats have a big container of toys, to the point of whenever we’re at a pet store and I see something new Matthew is like “They have so many toys!”.  Well, yes, they do.  But they don’t have THIS! And I know they’re going to love for this for a whole 8 minutes, so just let me get it.

With work busy, I wanted to spoil the cats with a new boxing ritual.  We would receive a box in the mail once a month full of new toys and treats, and then we would all sprawl out on the floor and play the heck out of those toys.  That’s what we did last week.     There’s subscription boxes for clothes, beauty products, books, food and dog toys.  But for some reason I have never heard of a cat box.   I found out about KitNipBox while searching for a monthly subscription service and immediately fell in love. 

For May’s box they teamed up with Noah’s Animal House of Las Vegas to bring love and cheer to kitties in need.   Noah’s Animal House is a veterinary and boarding sanctuary , providing shelter for pets of domestic abuse victims.   A portion of May proceeds with be donated to Noah’s Animal House to keep our fur families safe.  So this is great cause too. 


This month the box was full of toys and a bag of treats.  If you add up the prices of the toys then it was well worth the monthly subscription price.   Many of the toys were catnip scented which our critters love.   Two of them were “crinkle” toys which the cats love to drag around the loft to hear the sound.   


“Mom, are all these toys for me?  Seriously?”

Xanadu can’t wait to get her paws on this  duck.

This is a dental cat toy (aren’t they all?) to get out feline aggression.  FiFi Bofinkles needs to play with this so she can stop bullying the cats for their treats.

Crinkle snail toy.  This wins the award from me of being the cutest.

Goblin, still in shock with all his new toys.

The star of the show though was the play and squeak mouse.   Xanadu used to have a toy like this that you would pull and it would make a bird sound, she was terrified of it.  Every time we did it she would hit the decks and run.   For this one though, she’s into it.   There’s something about the sound of a squeak that cats love.  The kitties can “catch” this mouse but it retracts and escapes their grasp.  This equals hours of fun (for me to watch). 

As you can see, Goblin is a big fan of it too.  This wins the award for cats favorite!

For our fun unboxing video, showing all the kitties, sit down for a few minutes and watch here:

Now I have to go and play with our kitties. :D)
Hope you enjoyed this post and learning about KitNipBox. 


I did not get paid to write this post.  KitNipBox was kind enough to send me a box to review, but all opinions are mine.  The box is great and I will be a monthly subscription member now. 



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  • We love spoiling our cat! Who would definitely love a kitty toy subscription. And I’m sure she’d play with them, a bit. But then she’d spend half the day sitting in the box. 😉 Kitties love boxes, don’t they?

  • We just got a new puppy, guess things like this exist for dogs too right? Lil man doesnt really need more things to chew, our house looks like a kid’s happy place with all the toys hanging around, he has in recent days taken to collecting the toilet rolls (the cardboard bit) and adding to his ever growing pile of toys.

  • What pretty kitties! The long haired one looks so cuddly! I have a rather large long hair cat that I adopted that I think is part Maine Coon. He’s normally incredibly laid-back and melts in my arms when I pick him up, but if I give him anything with catnip he turns into crazy kitty. It’s great!

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