Behind The Scenes of Allure Magazine with Reed + Rader

I promised during the Summer I was going to take you behind the scenes on more of our fashion projects that we shoot. It’s been a bit delayed on getting the next one, but finally it’s here! Come with me behind the scenes of a Allure Magazine fashion video.

Allure Russia Magazine contacted us to create a video for their Best of Beauty Awards 2014,  a celebration of all of the best beauty items for 2014.    More specifically, we were to feature the best women’s and men’s fragrances from floral, fruity, woody and more.

The result we made was this fun video:

So now that you saw the final video, let’s look at how it was made.

Since we knew we were going to composite out the backgrounds for this video, everything was shot on green screen.  We shoot green screen almost 90% of the time now for projects.  The background didn’t have to be large because this was a beauty video focusing on a half body crop.  

The team for that day were these lovely souls.  
Linh is a amazing hair stylist, Cedric is one of our favorite makeup artists, Melaney is a stylist that we work with often that would b styling the video with themed clothes, Katherine is a manicurist to have the nails ready for closeups.  Our models were Svea and Jan, both totally amazing folks and kind to work with. 

 How long does a shoot date?  It depends.  Sometimes it  can go quick with a couple shots, sometimes it can last into the late night where everyone needs a nap.  For this project it was rather similar for every shot, so we got done in the afternoon.

I always take snapshots of every look on set with my phone.  This helps me touch base with the stylist after the shoot to make sure all the fashion credits match up.  Plus it helps when editing to quickly mockup ideas.

There were around 40 fragrances that we had to feature so we had to think of a great way to show them, but still keep the video light hearted and in our style.   Since we didn’t have the bottles physically on hand for the day of shooting, we knew we wanted to collage them in.  

We knew we wanted the bottles to spray the models and then have them react to it.  We made some preliminary mockups to help us visualize what we wanted.  This was the mockup for the floral perfumes which stayed pretty similar to what we ended up with.floral

This was the mockup for the leather fragrances.  Although I really liked this, the background seemed too different so we changed it to match the others more.leather

The video was displayed at the Gary Tatintsian Gallery in Moscow during the Awards Ceremony.  It was also shown throughout Allure’s video channels.



Hope you liked going behind the scenes on this video!      


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