Pamela’s Life: A Picture A Day, December

How was your weekend everyone?  
Mine was brrrr cold.  I tried to start running but then I realized that 10 degrees and running doesn’t work work well for me.  So instead of running, I’ve started to listen to the Serial podcast, watching episode of the Good Wife, drinking tea and eating soup. That sounds like Winter, right?

When I used to have my old blog (12 years ago!) I would often document my months and days by posting photos. For months, it’d be a photo a day.  For days, it’d be a photo every hour. I won’t show you any of those blog series because they are (very!) embarassing but I thought about bringing them to Brooklyn Farm Girl. Since I take so many pictures (Instagram-aholic) I thought it would be fun to start doing monthly series.  

I hope these are fun to view and you get to know me a little bit better with a glimpse behind the scenes with working on blog posts, creating our art for clients and life in NYC.  One thing I should tell you right away… I like cats. 🙂


December 1 – We brought home our Christmas tree. In New York there’s no putting it on the roof of your car, you just have to bulk up and carry/push it home.  Every year we go and look at the trees and we always want the biggest tree in the back.  That’s when I make Matthew move 30 other trees so we can get ours. 🙂
December 1

December 2- Brother and Goblin snuggle. 
December 2

December 2 – Matthew surprised me with a custom made Goblin sweatshirt.  I almost cried. 
December 2_1

December 3 
December 3

 December 4 – Starting to holiday decorate.
December 4

December 5 – I made these Shanghai Blend Stir Fry Rice Rolls.  
December 5

December 6 – I made this chocolate fudge and then ate it all. :D)
December 6

December 7 – We photographed Brooklyn Farm Girl’s first fashion feature
December 7

December 8 – I went full force into cat lady mode and made holiday cat garland
December 8

December 9 – I made M&M Mini Cookies. Again, I ate them all. 
December 9

 December 10 – Our holiday fashion feature that we (Reed + Rader) did for Farfetch went live. 
December 10 2

December 10 – I tried to get Goblin to dress up like a reindeer but he wasn’t into that idea.
December 10

December 11 – More baking, more frosting.
December 11

December 12 – Tea dyed some paper to make new stationary.
December 1_1

 December 12 – Lifted up the greenhouse to see if any broccoli was growing. Success!
December 12

December 13 – Momofuku Birthday Cake Truffles  are the best.  Seriously.
December 13

December 14 – Matthew gave a quick 5 minute presentation about our current project we’re working on.  I watched from home.

December 15 – Tea and scones with best friends at Alice’s Tea Cup.
December 22

December 16 – Friends visited from Europe with their new baby Osgar! I fell in love with him.  Also how amazing is the hair on this guy?  
December 16

December 17 – I got a new phone!  It arrived about 20 minutes before we left to head back to Pennsylvania to see my family.  
December 17 2

December 17 – Had dinner back home with sister, mom and niece.
December 17

December 18 – My dad surprised me with donuts for breakfast.    I love him and these donuts.
December 18

December 18 – I can’t believe they now have a sushi restaurant in my hometown.   It was good too!
December 18 2

December 19 – Tea party with my dad.
December 19

December 19 – On the way back to NYC we stopped at Christmas Village to walk around and marvel at the lights.
December 20

December 20 – Holiday party at friends house, singing songs out of pitch.
December 21

December 21 – I saw this van.
December 23

December 22 – The best donuts in NYC are DOUGH.
December 15

December 23 – Bought myself something pretty from one of my favorite Etsy designers.
December 23_1

December 24 – Soup and biscuits weather!
December 24

December 25 – Christmas!
December 25_1

December 25 – I surprised Matthew with the PS4, something he didn’t think I got him. Then I captured this picture.  Can you tell he’s happy?
December 25

December 25 – Matthew added another pair to my collection of Nike wedges, aka the best shoes ever.
Christmas 2014_38

December 25 – Christmas afternoon, picking a big basket of fresh broccoli under the greenhouses!

December 26 – Here kitty kitty.
December 26

December 27 – We both had the flu but we made it to Aladdin on Broadway!  This was a special gift from Matthew and I loved it!
December 27

December 28 –  Trying to learn how to put together and paint miniatures. These are my skeleton warriors.
December 28_1

December 29 – Fell in love with  DF Mavens ice cream that’s made in Queens.  Their red velvet cake ice cream is some of the best I’ve ever had.
December 29

December 30 – Went shopping to build a new closet!
December 30

 December 31 – Lunch discussing the last year and what the future holds.  I’m excited for it!
December 31

What was your December like? 


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