Creamy Chicken and Noodles

Creamy Chicken and Noodles

This is pure comfort food! Creamy Chicken and Noodles is a easy casserole bake recipe that you can serve as a main or side dish.  It’s creamy sauce is made with cream of chicken and cream of broccoli soup and then poured over egg noodles and diced chicken.

These Creamy Chicken Noodles are a blue ribbon winner in my family’s heart. It’s perfect for a side dish, but it’s also perfect for a man dish. We love curling up with a bowl of this on a chilly night; it really hits the right spot, just like your fluffy slippers do to your toes!
Creamy Chicken Noodles is a perfect recipe to cozy up with on a cold day! It's great for main and side dishes! Read More

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