Frozen Banana, Watermelon, Orange Smoothie Drink

This drink is the perfect blend of Summertime flavor.. that you can enjoy in Fall!

It has 3 ingredients in it: banana, watermelon and orange juice.    That’s it.

The instructions are easy: Put everything in a blender and mix.

Does this drink get any better?

I’ve been loving this drink for a afternoon snack drink.  You know when it gets to 4PM and you question what you should have for a snack?  Dinner is a few hours away but yet you feel like you’re starving.  You are eyeing up those cookies in the cabinet with a dangerous eye, so quick… grab the fruit!    

This drink is also the perfect solution to that often asked question “What can I do with 1 banana?”.  In the Summer I feel like our bananas ripen very quickly, sometimes to the point that even my banana loving heart can’t keep up with them.  So when I think some bananas might go bad and I can’t finish them, I just throw them in the freezer.  When I’m thirsty I make this smoothie or my Double Chocolate Banana Frozen Smoothie.   It’s a win win situation for everyone involved! 

Frozen Banana, Watermelon, Orange Smoothie Drink

Frozen Banana, Watermelon, Orange Smoothie Drink_2

Frozen Banana, Watermelon, Orange Smoothie Drink_1 

Frozen Banana, Watermelon, Orange Smoothie Drink
  1. 1 frozen banana
  2. 1/2 cup orange juice
  3. 1 cup watermelon (fresh or frozen)
  1. Mix all in blender.
  1. 1 Serving.
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