Tomato Tea Recipe

Tomato this.  
Tomato that.    
Tomato everything.  
Tomato tea.  
Did I get your attention?   Yes, tomato tea.
Are you intrigued?  
This tomato tea is out of this world delicious.
Tomato Tea_6  

First of all, this tomato tea is super easy and basic.  It has 2 ingredients.  It’s hot.  It’s perfect for Fall.  It’s perfect for a cold.  It’s perfect for a afternoon pick me up.  It’s perfect for curling up with a book.  It’s perfect!

Tomato Tea  

How many cups did I have of this in the last 48 hours? 4!  I’m in love. Instead of hearts in front of my eyes I’m seeing tomatoes.  

When I saw Brooklyn based writer Rachel Tepper’s article titled “This Changes Everything: Tomato Tea” I shook my head quickly.   She had my attention.  I clicked into that article in record speed.  I couldn’t think of anything else.   I had to have that tea.  So I set out to create my own tomato tea but I had some rules. I want it simple.  I wanted it quick.  I wanted it fresh.  I also wanted it hot.  Most recipes that call themselves “tomato tea” are actually chilled.  Blasphemy, I know.  My tea was going to be warm, just like my own favorite steeped teas.   I made this tea with 2 ingredients, tomatoes and celery salt.   That’s’ it.   The result is a fresh tomato juice with a hint of saltiness that your tongue will appreciate.    To me this tastes like a canned tomato juice, but hot and without all the scary ingredients.  I found such a great way to use up those garden tomatoes now!  Who wants to come up for a cup of tea?
Tomato Tea_5  

So how do you make it? Easy. 
First, grab a big juicy tomato.   Then throw it in a food processor. I use my small food chopper for this. 
Tomato Tea_1  

Pulse until it’s watery.
Tomato Tea_2

Then attach a piece of cheesecloth over a cup.  Pour tomato liquid on top and let it drop down into the cup.  
Tomato Tea_3

It will take a few minutes, but you can speed it up by carefully pressing it down with a spoon too. 
Tomato Tea_4    

After this you’re going to throw it on a sauce pan (with some celery salt) over low heat and warm it up to the heat you’d enjoy your tea as.   The result? An amazing cup of tomato tea!
Tomato Tea_7    

There’s always something romantic about a hot cup of tea in the Fall so I’m glad to find something that can bridge the gap between Summer harvest and Fall weather.   Curling up with a cup of tea is something I look forward to each morning and evening so if you’re like me, give this tomato tea a shot.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how relaxing and delicious it is! Hope you enjoy!
Tomato Tea_8  

Tomato Tea Recipe
  1. 1 large tomato - chopped
  2. 1/4 teaspoon celery salt
  1. Put chopped tomato in food processor and pulse until watery.
  2. Put cheesecloth over cup and pour tomato mixture over cheesecloth, collecting the liquids in the cup. To speed up the process press tomato with spoon.
  3. In a saucepan over low-medium heat heat up the tomato juice and celery salt.
  4. Pour in tea cup and enjoy.
  1. To easily secure the cheesecloth to the cup use a rubber band. You could also use a find mesh sieve instead of cheesecloth.
Brooklyn Farm Girl
I wanted to share Yahoo! Food some love because I love what the awesome ladies Managing Editor Sarah McColl; former Bon Appetit senior web editor, Julia BainbridgeRachel Tepper who joined from Huffington Post Food; and Alex Van Buren, who has written for Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and Martha Stewart Living are doing over there.   Think food, with humor and lots of gifs.  If that doesn’t describe my world, I don’t know what does.  

Not only are they including yummy recipes, but they also post food trends and the best cooking tools and techniques to help you in the kitchen.  Want to know a trend I can’t keep my mind off of, how about dipping your fries in chocolate? CRAZY.  CRAZY GOOD!  Want to know how peanut butter and jelly met? They got it covered.  How about ketchup hate (I’m not sure if we an be friends if you hate ketchup)? And HELLO BEAUTIFUL, a savory funnel cake? YES PLEASE!  Ok one more – onion googles, don’t tell me you never thought of this!     

Yahoo! Food is also partnering with some of the best publishers in the business to bring you their expertise and ideas, including Bon Appetit, Epicurious, Food52, Martha Stewart and more. So stay tuned for more fun articles!   

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



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