Baby Shower Food, Craft and Gift Ideas

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The time has come, my friends have started to have babies. It’s kinda wild.  One day they’re just them.  Then suddenly they have a baby.  Again, it’s wild.

Multiple friends right now have either just become a mom (a human mom, not to be confused with a cat mom) or are about to become a mom.  They are excited and scared.  I am excited and scared for them.   I’m also extremely happy and proud and know how much of a awesome mom they are going to be.  I also know this baby is going to be amazingly dressed because all the Moms have amazing style. This is also very exciting to me because now I have real reasons to buy dinosaur printed onesies that I see.  Before I just held those little pieces of clothing in my hands and swooned, but now I can actually buy them!  I  once bought a baby pumpkin costume because it was the cutest thing I ever saw.  I don’t have a kid so I dressed up a stuffed animal.  The stuffed frog is still dressed up as a pumpkin.  The cutest pumpkin ever.

Suddenly I’m getting invited to baby showers and I’ve entered a new world of gender neutral colors and playing games such as Delectably Dirty Diapers and Bobbing for Nipples. Again, it’s wild.

In this post I wanted to show you some baby shower food, craft and gift ideas.  I hope this helps you and gives you some ideas if you’re looking for them!


Baby Shower Food, Craft and Gift Ideas
1. Metallic Brush Stroke Balloons
2.  Onesie Painting Station
3. Girlie Shower
4. DIY Watercolor Napkins
5. Rainbow Confetti Party Favors
6.  DIY Floral Crown for Mama
7. Fringe Layered Garland
8. Ice Cream Decoration
9. Boy/Girl Mason Jars 


1. Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
2. Brownie and Raspberry Trifle
3. Lemonade
4. Moss Trim Bunny Cake
5. Snow Cone Cupcakes
6. Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
7. No Bake Raspberry Cheesecakes

Gift Ideas:
1. Terry Shark Robe
2. Waterproof Dr. Seuss bib
3. Burt’s Bees Baby Gift Set
4. Freddie the Firefly Toy
5. Winky White Lamb
6. Mustache Pacifier (Don’t tell me this wouldn’t make you smile!)
7. Little Monkeys Gift Set
8. Goodnight Moon
9. Diaper Genie (must have!)

If you get the Diaper Genie you should also stock up on Diaper Genie refills!  A Diaper Genie is a must have item for any soon to be mom.  Trust me, she will thank you in a few months for the clean air she’s going to receive!   A Diaper Genie is a pail that is a simple and effect way to dispose of dirty diapers when they’re done.  Once the diapers are in the “Genie” you won’t smell all the wonderful smells that come with a dirty diaper!  Even better, it holds 270 diapers so you don’t have to empty it out that often which means less work and more hopeful sleep time for Mom and Dad.

If you head to Target (aka, best store ever) right now and buy 3 Diaper Genie refills you’ll receive a $25 Spa Finder Wellness gift card.  Once you purchase the refills, save your receipt and visit this website to receive the gift card.   This offer is “while supplies last” so do it soon!   The Spa Finder gift card allows you to redeem your $25 on many services including manicures, facials, haircut, massage, yoga, acupuncture and more.   Wouldn’t it be awesome if you got this gift card and you treated yourself to this mini YOU vacation but you brought along the new mom too?  Girls day out! 


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