Fresh and Easy Pineapple Juice

Fresh and Easy Pineapple Juice

Ain’t nobody dope as this juice.

So fresh and so delicious delicious.
So fresh and so sweet sweet.
So fresh and easy easy.
So fresh and so good good.

And then I won’t continue with the possible “So Fresh, So Clean” lyrics as not to offend anyone. 🙂

Isn’t Outkast the best though?   Quick, don’t think about it, favorite Outkast song?  I’m going with B.O.B and the addicting Hey Ya! because every single time I hear it I just want to shake it and behave on my baddest behavior. 

This is totally not how I saw this recipe post going but once I start I can’t stop.

Ok so this post is about delicious, sweet, easy and good Pineapple Juice.  Oh and it’s so fresh too. 

A few days ago I was craving pineapple juice like crazy.  I wrote on my chalkboard “PINEAPPLE JUICE” a million times with arrows pointing to it.  Sometimes I need a big reminder.  So to the store I went, would I get pineapple juice in a can or a fresh pineapple? A beautiful big fresh pineapple of course! And best of all, it was on sale for $2.50.  Goodness, pineapple why are you so beautiful and why are you so darn delicious?  

Pineapple Tart Apple Juice

This recipe is so incredibly basic but because I can’t get enough of this juice I had to share it.  When I make pineapple juice I love to add a little bit more sweetness to it, so in this case I went with throwing in a Fuji apple as well.  The ratio is 1 pineapple to 1 apple.  The great thing about juices is you can add whatever you want to it.  Why not try bananas, or kale, or collards, or oranges?  All those combinations sound awesome.  This juice was able to fill me a few glasses and it was easily gone in a few days because I could not keep my hands off it.   

Enjoy this juice, it’s great for breakfast or for a afternoon snack (my preferred way of enjoying it!).


Pineapple Tart Apple Juice_4

Pineapple Tart Apple Juice_3

Pineapple Tart Apple Juice_2

Fresh and Easy Pineapple Juice
  1. 1 Pineapple, sides peeled and cut into pieces
  2. 1 Apple (I used Fuji), cut into pieces
  1. Turn on your juicer, add pineapple and apples.
  2. Serve and enjoy.
  3. Store in pitcher in the refrigerator.
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Now if you need me I’ll be looking at more Andre 3000 gifs. Forever Ever. Forever Ever.

PS.  If you got all these Outkast references, I love you so much. 



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