Thanksgiving Dinner in January + One Juicy Delicious Turkey

Thanksgiving Dinner in January + One Juicy Delicious Turkey

You guys are just the best.  All your comments you left on Essy’s post are so beautiful and caring.  Reading through and seeing all the love, reliving stories of your own past losts and just being the sweetest really made me feel better.  I owe you all a donut.   When you’re in Brooklyn, you holla at me, we have a date.  Thanks again, it really means alot to our family. <3

In the post I shared Essy’s favorite holiday because it meant her favorite food, Thanksgiving and turkey.   Give that girl a whiff of turkey and she was there.   From the time the turkey was taken out of the wrapper until it came out of the oven, Essy was pacing like a nervous lady.  She would be on the floor staring into the oven, on the kitchen island staring at the oven, on the table staring into the oven.   When we opened the oven to get the turkey in and out someone had to hold her because there was no stopping her.  She wanted that turkey.  The best way to honor Essy we decided was to have Thanksgiving Dinner in January.  Essy would want nothing more.

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