15 Minute Strawberry Peach Jam

Hi Friend, it’s Friday!

How’s your weekend looking – got anything fun planned? I will be filming more gardening and cooking segments for Home Depot/Miracle Gro Gardenieres.  We have some great segments planted, with some harvesting, some chip making and some garden chores that must be done every winter!  Stay tuned for the videos!  The best part of this weekend though is the weather, it’s supposed to be 71 on Saturday and 74 on Sunday. I think I can get away with leggings – does this excite anyone as much as me?  

In today’s recipe we are making Strawberry Peach Jam.  I am a lunatic in never letting fruits or vegetables go to waste, I will find something to do with them always.  In this one I had a peach that had a short life span but you better believe it – this peach was not going to waste! So instead of making my usual strawberry jam, I decided to give it a peach twist!  The outcome is delicious!  And the smell! It smells like summer.   Even though I’m not canning this jam below, it would be amazing to can to save for the wintertime.  Summer memories in the Winter – I love that!


My favorite jams are quick. I don’t like lingering over the stove for 2 hours stirring jams.  I want it quick and I want it delicious in a 15-20 minute recipe – tops! This even includes preparing and cooking.   It will take you longer to go the store to pick up jam! It’s that easy and quick!  Plus you get to walk around the house with a saucepan making everyone smell it and then judging their reaction, and when they don’t act as excited as you then you can remember that moment when they ask you for something.  Hold jam grudges everyone, hold them tight! 

As always, when I’m making jam I listen to this song. I always have to say that because as I write posts about it it’s permanently stuck in my head.

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So let’s get jammin.

 Strawberry Peach Jam IMG_5790


Strawberry Peach Jam
  1. 2 cups strawberries - hulled
  2. 1 small peach - cut up into slices, peach pit removed
  3. 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  4. 1/4 cup honey
  1. Put strawberries and peach slices into your food processor and pulse about 10 times until it's a consistency that is slightly chunky.
  2. Transfer into saucepan and bring to boil on medium-high. Cook for 10-13 minutes. Keep your eye on this and stir occasionally so it does not burn.
  3. Once it's reached a jam texture, remove from heat and let cool.
  4. Put into jars, enjoy!
Brooklyn Farm Girl http://brooklynfarmgirl.com/
Beautiful bucket grown strawberries, come to mama!

Strawberry Peach Jam IMG_5734
Here’s your ingredients.  Strawberries and peaches.  Can you smell that? It’s summer.

Strawberry Peach Jam IMG_5743
Beautiful strawberry memories will be composted and given back to the garden!

Strawberry Peach Jam IMG_5738
Into the food processor it goes. This is about 10 pulses.

Then onto the stove it goes.  Strawberries cook faster than other berries I find, so a good 10-13 minutes and it will be done.  After about 8 minutes, I would watch this like a hawk and keep stirring every 30 seconds or so.  We want to make sure it does not burn.  Mine took about 12 minutes.

Strawberry Peach Jam IMG_5746
And this beautiful jam will come off the stove and your life will be full of jammin happiness.

Strawberry Peach Jam IMG_5770
This recipe makes 8 oz of jam.  Eat all of it.  Give some to a friend. Eat all of it. Eat all of it. Eat all of it. 

Strawberry Peach Jam IMG_5786
Spread it, eat it with a spoon, go jam wild!

Enjoy everyone!
Happy weekend!



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